Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education

The Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (C.O.R.E.) program is designed for individuals wishing to obtain their first B.C. resident hunting license. It is offered through a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Forests.,. Lands and Natural Resource Operations and the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF). The program is useful for anyone interested in outdoor recreation, wildlife and firearms safety. The successful completion of the program is required for B.C. residents at age 18 or over who wish to obtain a B.C. resident hunter number card, and a first B.C. resident hunting license.


The B.C.W.F. manages the C.O.R.E. Program for the B.C. provincial government.

· C.O.R.E. Website

· B.C. Government Website

Any BC resident wanting to go hunting needs to pass two courses: C.O.R.E. & P.A.L.

1.    The C.O.R.E. Program (Hunter Training) – C.O.R.E. is needed to obtain a hunter number, your hunter number is used to purchase a
hunting license and tags or apply for Limited Entry Hunting.

2.    PAL – Personal Acquisition License – The Canadian Firearms Safety Course to obtain a Possession & Acquisition License (Non-restricted PAL), which allows you to purchase or take possession of a
firearm and buy ammunition.

R.R.G.C. Offers PAL courses onsite as needed. Please see this page for more information.

For information about any of these courses, email: