If you need information, please mail rifle@ridgedale.net


  • Winter – we have a 20 yard indoor range limited to .22 rimfire only as well as on announced nights.
  • Summer / Winter – we have a 185 yard range for outdoors use year round..

Rimfire for Adults and Youth

First Sunday of each month from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the Rifle Range.

The Range is Closed for this event.  Please do not bring any other firearms to the range.

This event will encourage participation from other clubs and membership at Ridgedale is not required.

This event is to attract families and youth to 22 Rimfire.  The 100 yard 22 rimfire bench rest and youth are combined.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate.  Youth and adults will shoot on the same relays.  Adults registering to shoot allows their youth to shoot for free.

The classes are:  Unlimited Bench Rest, Hunting Rifle, Semi Auto, Target Rifle and Precision Rimfire Series.  Targets and rules are available from the Rifle Chair. 

Participants without a PAL require “one on one arm’s length supervision”.

Target distances will be determined based on the individual and their choice of equipment.  Eye and ear protection are mandatory. Youth must be able to hold the rifle they are using.

The 22 Rimfire is an excellent starting point for learning and training beginners.  Recoil and noise are minimal.  Purchasing equipment is not necessary. Experiencing what is available and determining your family’s level of involvement will avoid unnecessary purchases.

Rapid Fire will not be tolerated.  17 HMR rifles are not permitted.

Target Fee: To be determined.

Rifle Rental Fee: To be determined.

Ammo Fee: To be determined.