Membership runs from January 1 until December 31. Unless we have received your renewal by December 31, you are not covered under the Excess Third Party Liability Insurance policy and ATV coverage, and your gate access will be suspended!

When renewing after January 31, you also have to include $20 late fee. Once your renewal and payment have been processed, we reactivate your gate card and your insurance. If you have questions, email or call 604‐826‐0552 during office hours. 

For an explanation of the importance of EPTL insurance coverage click here or visit the BCWF site.

Renewal Application Process 

Applications for renewal must be submitted online, by logging into your Member 365 “member portal” using your unique username and password. This portal is for you the members, and you are encouraged to use it as it gives you secure access to update your personal information, renew your membership, pay your membership fees by credit card, view invoices and receipts, register for events, and much more.

We accept cash, and preferably cheque/money orders or credit card for payment of fees.

If you volunteered for a Workbee, you will receive a one-time $20 promo code towards your next membership renewal.

Family Membership

If you have a Family membership and have a dependent who is 18 years or older, they will no longer be eligible to be included in a Family Membership. However, there is one exception – dependants that are 18-25 years of age, who are registered with and attending school, university or college, will be eligible for a “Student” membership. Proof of their attendance must be submitted with a membership application and yearly. To use the Range, a Student must have a valid PAL. If the dependent is not attending school, they must apply for their own Individual membership.

Seniors Category

You are eligible for the Senior rate once you have passed your 65th birthday.

For more information about membership, please email: or

To renew, Click Here.